Évf. 10 szám 2018/2 (2019)

Zhuangzi a Selyemúton: Egy taoista kézirat Dunhuangból (S.796)

Gábor Kósa

Megjelent 2019-10-30


  • Zhuangzi,
  • Dunhuang,
  • Guo Xiang,
  • Chui

Hogyan kell idézni

Kósa, G. (2019). Zhuangzi a Selyemúton: Egy taoista kézirat Dunhuangból (S.796). Távol-Keleti Tanulmányok, 10(2018/2), 23–53. https://doi.org/10.38144/TKT.2018.2.2


In the first part of my paper, I survey the Daoist manuscripts found in the library cave (Cave 17) of Dunhuang. After a brief summary of the textual history of the Zhuangzi 莊子 and its commentaries, I focus on a single manuscript kept at the British Library (S.796). I offer the transcription and Hungarian translation of the preserved part of ch. 10 of Zhuangzi, accompanied by the commentary of Guo Xiang 郭象 (252–312 AD). Furthermore, while concentrating on the so-called Primitivist layer of the Zhuangzi, I give an analysis of the figures appearing in this chapter, especially exploring the legendary artisan Chui 倕.