Évf. 10 szám 2018/1 (2019)

Hajrandzsu tálja

Olivér Kápolnás

Megjelent 2019-03-30


  • Hajrandzsu,
  • Horchin Zaisang,
  • Hung Taiji,
  • mandzsu nyelv

Hogyan kell idézni

Kápolnás, O. (2019). Hajrandzsu tálja. Távol-Keleti Tanulmányok, 10(2018/1), 105–117. https://doi.org/10.38144/TKT.2018.1.4


In the Hermitage there is a bowl with two little jugs in the exhibition dedicated to the Mongolian period. Their inventory numbers are Ски-621 and Ски-593, 594. Five lines of Manchu text can be seen on the bottom of this bowl: gulu suwayan / dergi boo / dergi amba fujin / buda / sunja yan. The most important is dergi amba fujin, which means "Eastern Main Wife”. According to the Manchu and Mongolian sources, she can be identified as Hairanju, the daughter of Horchin Zaisang. Her sister and her aunt were also wives of Hung Taiji.