Physical and Mental Stress in Work Activities




physical stress, mental stress, local load, work with burdens, manual handling, ergonomic


Physical and mental stress are a part of each work activity and have, in some way, an impact on human organism. The impact, they have, can become evident either immediately or after a longer period time. In the paper the authors present results of a research which aim was to assess total physical load, caused by the muscular effort of upper and lower limbs, large muscle groups and local muscular effort, while working with burdens. To collect the necessary research data, the Holter analyzer was used on a research sample of two employees working with cleaning components in a production hall. Based on the achieved findings the author formulate conclusions, incorporation of which into the ergonomic and organizational measures can significantly reduce potential negative effects of the monitored stressors.




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Hašková, A., & Tureková, I. (2022). Physical and Mental Stress in Work Activities. Central-European Journal of New Technologies in Research, Education and Practice, 4(1), 38–45.



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