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Founded by STOFFA Veronika and ZSAKÓ László in 2019.
Published by Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics
Pázmány Péter sny. 1/C, H-1117 Budapest
Responsible publisher: Dr. HORVÁTH Zoltán, Dean of ELTE Faculty of Informatics.
Responsible editors STOFFA Veronika and ZSAKÓ László.
ISSN 2676-9425 (online)

The Central-European Journal of New Technologies in Research, Education and Practice (CEJNTREP) is an independent scientific journal that is focused on publishing of the results of researches, theoretical studies and professional works. The aim of the journal is to introduce the latest findings from the field of sciences, computing and technologies including education, information and communication technologies. Further purpose is to enable the authors (teachers, researchers, scientists) to present the results of their own scientific research and professional activities with a special focus on the didactical aspects of education. The journal is designed mainly for teachers who teach subjects in the area of materials and technologies, information communication and other digital technologies at different schools, or use modern digital technologies and ICT in education, also for doctoral, postgraduate, and for talented students.

The journal is based on the over 30-years traditions of the DidMatTech International Scientific Conference, which currently functions as a “wandering” event among the V4 states. This is accompanied by more than 10 years of experience at the InfoDidact conference. The authors of the articles consist mainly of participants of these 2 conferences, who are given the opportunity to present their valuable results in their research work. The editorial board deals with the received manuscripts continuously and immediately starts the review process.

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2022: Volume 4, Number 1
Published: 2022-10-07

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