Educational Issues Raised by the Availability of the Quantum Computer


  • Ferenc Koczka Eszterházy Károly Katolikus Egyetem
  • Csilla Prantner Eszterhazy Károly University
  • Csaba Bíro Eszterházy Károly Katolikus Egyetem



quantum computing, quantum physics, primary school, secondary school, higher education, specialization, STEM, education


The development of quantum computers is bringing major changes to the IT sector. These computers, based on completely new principles, can provide effective solutions to previously unsolvable problems. Regulations have already been introduced in the European Union and Hungarian law to confirm that we are getting closer to the era of quantum computers. Therefore, we believe that education and teachers should follow the development of these machines so that future students in the field of information technology, whether they are IT teachers, physicists, or programmers, are not caught unawares. In this article, we present some examples from abroad where quantum computing topics are already included at certain levels of education.




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Koczka, F., Prantner, C., & Bíro, C. (2023). Educational Issues Raised by the Availability of the Quantum Computer. Central-European Journal of New Technologies in Research, Education and Practice, 5(1), 1–17.



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