In nome del corpo: Mauro Covacich e James Joyce a confronto


  • Caterina Di Bella


Parole chiave:

Covacich, Joyce, body, identity, Trieste


This paper focuses on the comparison between some common human and artistic traits of two authors, Mauro Covacich and James Joyce, who, despite working in different historical times and ways, shared the same urban spaces and similar life paths. The aim is to demonstrate how body dimension is central to the personal and literary experience of both writers. The occasion for these reflections was a lecture-monologue held by Covacich, which took place in 2022 in Trieste. It was an event organized at the Bloomsday festival where he presented Joyce’s work, in particular Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, using different keywords like ear, tongue, eye, arm, inner ear and genitals, ending with the mind. There are several autobiographical notes that Covacich refers to in
his comparison with the Irish writer, revealing an affinity that takes different forms. On the basis of these considerations, it seems reasonable to invite Covacich’s readers to use the same interpretative criteria proposed by the author for Joyce’s work in order to render their compelling copo a corpo.




Come citare

Di Bella, C. (2023). In nome del corpo: Mauro Covacich e James Joyce a confronto. Italogramma, (21), 66–84.