Vol. 2020 (2022): Communicationes Archaeologicae Hungariae

An ’Old-New’ Medallion of Septimus Severus from Dunaújváros (Intercisa)

Published 2022-03-03


  • Roman numismatics, Roman medallions, Septimius Severus (AD 193–211), history of research, Dunaújváros / Dunapentele / Intercisa, early 20th century illegal trade of antiquities

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Szabadváry, T. (2022). An ’Old-New’ Medallion of Septimus Severus from Dunaújváros (Intercisa). Communicationes Archaeologicae Hungariae, 2020, 135–144. https://doi.org/10.54640/CAH.2020.135


This article focuses on a rare copper medallion of Septimius Severus, purchased by the Hungarian National Museum in 1907. The piece was discovered in Dunaújváros territory (county Fejér, H, previously: Dunapentele, Roman Intercisa) and mentioned in earlier literature, but its detailed publication is still pending to this day. The identification of the findspot and circumstances of the finding comes up against a difficulty, but the iconographic background and the connection with the early 20th century (illegal) trade of antiquities raise it among prominent numismatic records.