About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Communicationes Archaeologicae Hungariae (ComArchHung) is an open-access archaeological journal published by the Hungarian National Museum, providing a platform for the publication and assessment of archaeological sites and their find material, brief articles focusing on archaeological find assemblages and book reviews. The editors welcome all papers focusing on the interpretation of the archaeological heritage of the Carpathian Basin in its cultural and social context as well as more detailed discussions and focus articles on innovative methodological and theoretical issues, with a relevance to the main interests.

Papers published in Communicationes Archaeologicae Hungariae are double-blind peer-reviewed by external experts. The journal is published once a year under the auspices of the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest.



Publisher: Hungarian National Museum (H-1088 Budapest, 14–16 Múzeum krt., Hungary)

Responsible Publisher: László L. Simon, General Director of the HNM

Responsible Editor: Gergely Szenthe

ISSN 0231-133X (Print)

ISSN 2786-295X (Online)