Student’s Locality Impact on ICT and Mobile Technology for Real-Time


  • Chaman Verma Eotvos Lorand University
  • Zoltan Illes Associate Professor
  • Veronika Stoffová Professor



Impact, Student, Locality, Technology, University


To evaluate the demography feature impact on students’ minds to-wards the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Mobile Technology (MT) is crucial challenge in the international study environment. The present paper explored the locality (rural and urban) impact on students’ outlook regarding the technology parameters (attitude, utilization, development, and benefits). The authors applied a non-parametric test (Mann-Whitney U) on 37 features, and 302 samples were gathered from Hungarian and Indian universities. The results of the paper evidence that the locality of students did not impact the ICT and Mobile technology in Indian and Hungarian universities. The authors found that the Hungarian rural and urban students think differently about “High-speed internet with Wi-fi” (U=1205, p<0.05) but not in the case of Indian students.




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Verma, C., Illes, Z., & Stoffová, V. (2021). Student’s Locality Impact on ICT and Mobile Technology for Real-Time. Central-European Journal of New Technologies in Research, Education and Practice, 3(3).



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