How Students Perceive Online Teaching IT Subjects within the MS TEAMS Environment

  • Martin Mišút University of Economics in Bratislava
  • Mária Mišútová Slovak University of Technology
Keywords: MS TEAMS, online education, attitude, computer subjects, digital technologies


The presented research had two primary goals. The first goal was to find out what is the attitude of students to lectures and exercises conducted through the MS Teams application. Students’ attitudes to online teaching were identified by the students’ activity within the subject Modeling of Business Processes and by students’ opinions on the usability and applicability of the acquired knowledge. Another goal of the research was to find out whether gender influences the perception of online teaching by students.

The obtained results indicate that the lectures through the MS TEAMS application are more acceptable for students than face-to-face lectures. Also, in such a lecture, students are more active, more often asking the teacher questions. Surprisingly, MS TEAMS exercises are not considered more useful by students than face-to-face exercises. The results further showed that women assigned lower values to most factors than men. The results of the research predict the influence of gender on students’ attitudes to online teaching. It would be necessary to determine further whether the difference between the average values in the group of men and women is statistically significant. This difference can be verified in a larger group of respondents. Therefore, we plan to continue the research.

Author Biographies

Martin Mišút, University of Economics in Bratislava

Martin Mišút obtained a PhD in the field of Industrial Automation and an associate professor title from Applied Informatics. He works as a university teacher (associate professor) at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Department of Applied Informatics. In the past, he was employed at Trnava University and the Slovak University of Technology in different positions (university teacher, head of the department, vice dean, vice-rector, rector) and at FH Koethen as Visiting Professor.

His research interests are focused on educational paradigm change due to technological progress, information systems, data modelling and processing, as well as applying ICT into various fields of human activities.

Mária Mišútová, Slovak University of Technology

Mária Mišútová, after graduating from Comenius University in the field of teaching Mathematics and Physics, obtained a PhD in the field Theory of teaching. In the year 2003, she received the title associate professor in the field of Theory of Teaching Mathematics. She currently works as a university teacher (associate professor) at the Slovak University of Technology at the Institute of Informatics, Automation and Mechatronics. Her research interests include Theory of teaching mathematics and applying ICT into Mathematics education.

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