Litterära och egentliga språklektioner: den goda moralens poesi


  • Vanda Péteri Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences



Intercultural communication, Literature in language teaching, Language teaching, Literature, Hungarian, Swedish, Migration policy


Language lessons in literature and reality: the poetics of good morals

The aim of this paper is to examine the connection between language teaching and public policy teaching. The argumentation presented in the paper is based on the analysis of examples and passages taken from coursebooks as well as from literary works thematising the different attitudes and practices of foreing language teaching employed by teachers, coursebook writers and educational institutions. One of the findings is the identification of some unspoken dominant political principles, moral values and messages of the host country that are implicitly (secretly) taught through coursebooks and language lessons.




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Péteri, V. (2021). Litterära och egentliga språklektioner: den goda moralens poesi. FILOGI, 2(1).