Investigation of the wear of rolls in asymmetric rolling




asymmetric rolling, wear, Archard's law, Al alloys, FEM simulation


In the present work, both symmetric and asymmetric rolling processes were investigated by means of numerical approaches. From the algorithm presented, the values of rolling pressure and sliding velocity in the roll gap were determined. These variables allow the estimation of tribological parameters of a given material. To determine the wear of the rolls and rolled materials the Archard's law has been employed. Results of numerical simulations show that the quantitative characteristics of the wear reveal a slight change for slower roll. Whereas the wear value for the faster roll increases with an increase of roll velocity ratio. It was found that for a given roll velocity ratio, rise of friction coefficient causes insignificant change in the wear value for the slower roll, while this value tends to decrease rapidly for the faster roll.




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János György, Purnima, & Jurij. (2021). Investigation of the wear of rolls in asymmetric rolling. Mérnöki és Informatikai Megoldások, 2(2.), 14–20.

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