2015: Ser 3. No 3.
Field reports

Short report on the excavations in Brigetio in 2015

Published 2015-12-07

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Bartus, D., Borhy, L., & Számadó, E. (2015). Short report on the excavations in Brigetio in 2015. Dissertationes Archaeologicae, 3(3), 245–262. https://doi.org/10.17204/dissarch.2015.245


In 2015, first time in the history of excavations in Brigetio, the Department of Classical and Roman Archaeology of Eötvös Loránd University and the Klapka György Museum of Komárom carried out excavations in all three major parts of Brigetio: the civil town, the canabae and the legionary fortress.At the site Szőny-Vásártér, the excavation was concentrated on a Roman cellar with collapsed wooden ceiling and a large pit nearby. Most important results are the complete excavation of the cellar, where a large amount of pottery vessels, a Dressel 20 amphora and a bronze cavalry parade helmet came to light. In the territory of the canabae (Szőny-Dunapart) two horrea and another stone building with uncertain function have been found. At the legionary fortress (Szőny-MOL-Kiskertek), the fieldwork was concentrated on the principia and its surroundings.