Performance of Cell Phone Controlled Model Vehicle

  • János Hegedűs-Kuti
  • Mátyás Andó
##semicolon## 3D printing, Arduino, driving properties, FDM/FFF, operating schedule


The objective of the project was to construct a model car - using additive technology - which is connected to a phone via cordless communication. PLA was used as a material to print the units. The total weight of the model car is 690 grams including the electronic components. The power consumption and driving properties were measured under given circumstances. Based on our calculations, even in active use at its maximum speed of 5.16 km/h, the system is capable of at least 3.9 hours of operation, while full charging takes only 3 hours. As a result, with two battery units it can be operated continuously.

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Hegedűs-Kuti, J., & Andó, M. (2020). Performance of Cell Phone Controlled Model Vehicle. Mérnöki és Informatikai Megoldások, 1(2.), 14-20.