German Language as L3 in South Korea


  • Hye Sook Chang



language policies, foreign language education, South Korea


All around the world, there is a perception that German proficiency brings better employment capabilities and class mobility. South Korea is no exception to this belief, with German language being used all over the country for white-collar job employment or even promotions. Over the years, the study of the German language has been enhanced by the country’s Ministry of Education by aggressively developing policies to support this course. To make sense of the situation of the German language in South Korea, and extensive information about the education system, German schools in South Korea and the status of German in foreign language learning is given. This article expounds on the past, recent, and future situation of German language learning in South Korea as well as brief history of the German language learning, policies surrounding the language and educational practices in South Korean schools. The article gives a clear perspective on how various factors have led to the promotion of German language and culture in South Korean society.



2020-09-14 — Frissítve ekkor: 2022-11-25


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Chang, Hye Sook. (2020) 2022. „German Language As L3 in South Korea”. Initium, sz. 1 (november):489-502.

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