Zum diskursiven Bild von Deutschland in der medialen Flüchtlingsdebatte

Eine Analyse am Beispiel von Pressetexten





framing, image of Germany, media language, refugee debate


In 2015–2016, a large number of refugees sought refuge in European countries due to the political situation in the Near East and Africa. A drastic increase in number of refugees caused the issue to polarize citizens across Europe. Germany can be assigned a special position in terms of the number of refugees accepted. With the help of the concept of the discursive picture of the world, the article tries to reconstruct the image of Germany based on the analysis of press articles. Online editions of the magazine “Die Zeit” from 2015 are analyzed for this purpose. The question is how this way of presenting Germany is profiled in the media and how it is linguistically structured in the media-mediated refugee debate.




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Kałasznik, M. (2021). Zum diskursiven Bild von Deutschland in der medialen Flüchtlingsdebatte: Eine Analyse am Beispiel von Pressetexten. FILOGI, 2(1). https://doi.org/10.37588/filogi.2021.2.3211