The telltale sentence structure


  • Ildikó Vaskó ELTE, Departement of Scandinavian Studies
  • Nikoletta Kovács Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences



Second language acquisition, Syntactic compexity, CAF theories


Students at the Department of Scandinavian Studies begin their studies without prior knowledge of Danish / Norwegian / Swedish, so intensive emphasis is given to language acquisition in the first year. Our research is based on the processing of results of a written basic exam in Norwegian (A2 language level) from the last eight years.

The aim of the research is to find an answer to the questions which areas cause the greatest challenges and what methods can be used to overcome the given language difficulties. The impact of Hungarian as a mother tongue and the already known foreign languages ​​(English, German) on learning Norwegian is also investigated. Effective development of language skills, especially in this first year, is essential for students ’successful future studies.

The present research is supported by CAF theories (Complexity, Accuracy, Fluency) in investigating syntactic complexity (see Skehan 1998; Ellis 2009; Berggreen, H.; Sørland, K. 2016).




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Vaskó, I., & Kovács, N. (2022). The telltale sentence structure. FILOGI, 2(1).