• Digitális Bölcsészet / Digital Humanities

    Some believe that Digital Humanities has brought about a paradigm change in the Humanities. Others assume the computer provides merely new tools for the humanities research. The journal Digitális Bölcsészet / Digital Humanities is a forum for both parties.

  • Lejana. Revista Crítica de Narrativa Breve

    Following the footprints of the cronopio («We’re getting married and you’re taking me to Budapest, to a bridge where there’s snow and someone»—says Alina Reyes in «Lejana»), we are kindly inviting authors to join researchers interested in short fiction and send us essays of criticism. For us this category covers both Peninsular and Hispanic American works of fiction of limited length, written in Spanish, from the Middle Ages up to the present day. There is, no doubt, a great variety of genres and subgenres included (from exemplum, microfiction, and vignette to long short story, nouvelle or short novel) but in case of these literary forms very few critical approaches have dwelled on the perspective of size; we are interested, needless to say, in both established and experimental forms. A special section is dedicated to interviews, reviews and informative communications of common interest.

    LEJANA. Revista Crítica de Narrativa Breve publishes scientific papers of literary criticism in Spanish and English of short fiction works in Spanish. The journal is published from 2010 by its editor as the Spanish Department of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of the Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary). The section of “Artículos” collects papers that represent new theoretical results, and the section of “Rincón del Doctorando” and “Rincón del Estudiante”, papers of doctoral, post-gradual and gradual students that has participated with success in scientific student conferences. The section of “Reseñas” offers reviews of other editions that belong to the journal’s profile. Lejana is an international publication—whose authors are mainly researchers of the Spanish-language literature—that has published in the last years monographic issues of a specific subject. Every article has an abstract in Spanish and English, with its respective keywords. This journal is annual, it is published in October, with an eventual issue in Spring.

    Lejana. Revista Crítica de Narrativa Breve offers without any charge its papers since its publication, as well as permits for any of its users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or add a link to the complete texto of the paper, whenever doing it responsibly and mentioning the original.

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