Sprachvergessenheit und der Begriff der Form beim frühen Lukács

  • Anna Zsellér
Keywords: literary studies, philosophy of language, Georg Lukács


This essay attempts to formulate a current and specific reading of the early writings, letters and literary-philosophical essays of Georg Lukács. The aim of this reworking is to justify the lack of theoretical efforts towards an explicit language philosophy in the early approaches of Lukács. My interest in the early work of Lukács relates to the linguistic reflection of his works in a triple sense: (1) Language in actu (philosophical / literary), which serves as a medium of cultural‑philosophical and aesthetic thought processes, enabling access of specific difficulties in theoretical concept formation, (2) language during explanatory self-reflection and (3) language at the level of an absent or inexplicit theory of language.

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Zsellér, A. (2020). Sprachvergessenheit und der Begriff der Form beim frühen Lukács. FILOGI, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.37588/filogi.2020.1.466
German Literature