temeswarer non-kon-for-mis-ten

Auf Spuren der konkreten Poesie im Werk der Aktionsgruppe Banat

Keywords: Wiener Gruppe, concrete poetry, Aktionsgruppe Banat, German literature of Romania, Tauwetter, sound poetry, dialect poetry


C. Artmann, Gerharad Rühm, Eugen Gomringer, Helmut Heißenbüttel, Ernst Jandl: some authors of the many who lived and created in the 20th century in the spirit of concrete poetry and literary avant-garde. They also impressed small German literary regions as well as the Romanian literature group Aktionsgruppe Banat. The group existed only a few years in the beginning of the 1970s, however they broke up with the classical forms of their foregoer, and turned to the experimenting literature of the “west” – of the Wiener Gruppe, amongst others. Furthermore, the comparison of both groups seems to be an exciting case study, however the differences should be noted as well.

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