Analysing fuzzy logic-based line following model car

  • Boldizsár Könczöl
  • László Gál
##semicolon## fuzzy, Arduino, microcontroller, line following


In our previous work a fuzzy logic-based controller was successfully applied to a line following model car utilizing Arduino Uno. Regarding fuzzy operations (t-norms), this logic has several implementations and our aim was to show how functional can be the chosen ones, and whether there are any remarkable differences among them. The fuzzy rules were very easy to create, except the drastic t-norm, all of them completed the tests, thus it can be stated that using fuzzy logic is convenient for line following. In this paper we focus on the impact of using a more capable microcontroller (Espressif ESP32) based board for the controller. Imrpovement of results is expected because of the higher computing performance of this board.

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Könczöl, B., & Gál, L. (2020). Analysing fuzzy logic-based line following model car. Mérnöki és Informatikai Megoldások, (II.), 21-31.
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