Product configuration system development for CAD/CAM software

  • László Karker
  • Mátyás Andó
  • Jegan Mohan Sudhan Raj
##semicolon## CAM, CAD, engineering intelligence, group technology, optimalization


The application designed in this research establishes a connection between Autodesk Inventor and Edgecam. In case of the component-group the automatic toolpath generation is efficiently usable even in changing product palette. The perfect CAD model with the suitable toolpath is generated in just 92 seconds with only 20 clicks. The application takes into account the used technological considerations through the manufacturing. The program is reliably usable from the first machining because the automatically filled parameters minimizes the possibility of errors. The solution increases the reliability of the quotation (even for ERP systems) because it ensures valid process time and toolset.

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Karker, L., Andó, M., & Raj, J. M. S. (2020). Product configuration system development for CAD/CAM software. Mérnöki és Informatikai Megoldások, (II.), 42-49.
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