Application of 3D printing in casting

  • Tamás Márton Birosz
  • Kristóf Ferenczy ELTE Savaria Egyetemi Központ
  • Mátyás Andó
##semicolon## 3D nyomtatott minta


The article presents the applicability of 3D printing in casting. Even complex models produced by 3D printing can be effectively applied in the field of lost pattern casting. The process was realized using Polycast and Pioneer investment powder (gypsum). Based on the measurement it is clear that the size differences come from the printing technology. The minimum wall thickness cannot be less than 0.8 mm, but there is inaccuracy under 2.1 mm when there is no infill section in the rib. More contour lines can reduce the deformation and the inaccuracy.

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Birosz, T., Ferenczy, K., & Andó, M. (2021). Application of 3D printing in casting. Mérnöki és Informatikai Megoldások, 2(2.), 4-13.