Real-time Tools in Classroom

  • Viktória Bakonyi
  • Zoltán Illés, PhD
  • Zoltán Illés
Keywords: real-time systems, teachers' training, classroom response systems


Today we are surrounded by IT devices and a lot of different applications from which more and more are usually work in real-time. These systems are mainly embedded systems but there are general operating systems which offers such possibilities too. Moreover, we can talk about real-time applications on the web as well. Therefore, it became very important for each informatician especially for future informatics teachers to know about the bases of this technology. Everybody knows the fact that each new technology appears sooner or later in education and finds its place in it. These new possibilities may give additional tools into teachers’ hands. The question is whether they can live with the opportunity or not.

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Bakonyi, V., Illés, Z., & Illés, Z. (2019). Real-time Tools in Classroom. Central-European Journal of New Technologies in Research, Education and Practice, 1(1), 13-20.
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