Programming Theorems Have the Same Origin

  • Péter Szlávi Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
  • László Zsakó
  • Gábor Törley
Keywords: programming theorem, programming methodology, methodical programming, algorithm, specification


One of the classical ways of learning programming is to divide programming tasks into large groups, so-called programming theorems, and then to trace the specific tasks back to the programming theorems. Each teaching method introduces a different amount of programming theorems into the learning pro-cess, occasionally even combining them. In this article we will show that the basic and complex pro-gramming theorems have the same origin; consequently, it would be enough to present one theorem and trace everything back to it. At the end of the article, then, we will explain the practical use of still introduc-ing more theorems.

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Szlávi, P., Zsakó, L., & Törley, G. (2019). Programming Theorems Have the Same Origin. Central-European Journal of New Technologies in Research, Education and Practice, 1(1), 1-12.
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