Call for Papers: Central European Cultures second issue

In March 2021 Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Humanities will launch a new biannual English-language scholarly journal, Central European Cultures. It aims to publish new findings that address Central European literary and cultural history from the Middle Ages to the present, including its connections to general literary and cultural theory.
The deadline for submissions for the second issue is March 31, 2021 (publication: September 2021). 


Table of contents: Central European Cultures first issue

The first issue will be published on 31 March 2021.


Gábor Almási: Educating the Christian Prince for Learning and Peace: The Cases of Archdukes Rudolf and Ernst in Spain (1564–71)

Ida Fábián: “Fiction meter”: Memories Told in Family Stories, Biographies and Memoirs of Contemporary Jewish Women Authors from Central-Eastern Europe Writing in German

Anna Förster: Translating Readings: On Foreign Literary Theory in 1980s Czechoslovakia

Nina Seiler: Imposed Belonging: Family Crises in Poland in Film and Literature around 1968

Leo Rafolt: Performance of/or Debt: The Economy’s Frank Face